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The union of Charities Buying Group and Team Grassroots to establish the NWFA is to help with the expansion of walking football communities in the UK

This is to support teams and individuals who participate in walking football and those individuals looking to participate and teams looking to start up.

In 2004, we were commended in Parliament for helping our first 255 members achieve in excess of 1 million pounds saving in our first year.

Charities buying group will work with there membership in promoting the SSE/CBG walking football tariff to allow NWFA to set up charity specific sessions for individual charities and provide SSE branded equipment to these new sessions.

The Charities Buying Group works closely with the charity sector.

The Charities Buying Group is a Community Interest Company and as such all profits go towards the NWFA our initiative for health and wellbeing, particularly for the elderly.

The Charities Buying Group provide a dedicated service operated for the benefit of ALL charities and not for profit organisations offering a wide range of buying agreements that are designed to reduce expenditure and, by reducing cost, help these organisations make better use of their money for the benefit of the missions/objectives they were created for.

The Charities Buying Group was formed in 2002 after reviewing how little support charities get in solving their purchasing issues, particularly small charities who do not have the buying power of larger organisations. By using the collective buying power of the Charities Buying Group, we can support all charities as we truly believe that by buying more efficiently, more of their money can be used for the purpose it is intended, meeting their service objectives and, more importantly, helping those people who need the help most in terms of care and welfare. This is the true vision of the Charities Buying Group.


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