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We will encourage the individual charity to utilise the new tariff knowing that every time they receive a bill, they also receive funds to run sessions through the NWFA.

We are talking with NHS England to incorporate our services into a after care package for older members of our community.

Currently the community football teams at the end of the year are unable to retain profit and therefore the majority donate there excess funds to charitable causes as well as during the year doing fundraisers for charity we are looking to set up through our CIC the SSE/NWFA foundation to encourage the clubs to donate there surplus funds to our joint foundation so we can utilise these funds to re-invest into various community projects enabling current walking football players to assist with new players and teams joining the community.

We offer free sessions to:

-Care homes


-Community centre

-Charity Events


Become part of a growing community centred around physical and mental health for all ages

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