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NWFA is committed to promote a safe and healthy working environment for its staff, volunteers, and participants. NWFA will take all reasonable steps to inspire a safe and social sporting activity that ensures walking football will be played safely with full consideration of every participants’ age, gender, and ability. This policy sets out our arrangements for ensuring we meet our health and safety obligations whilst at work and playing walking football.



NWFA recognises that safety is the responsibility of everyone within  NWFA.

  • NWFA Health and Safety Manager is responsible for developing the Health and Safety Policy and will act as a point of contact for all affiliated clubs for advice on health and safety.
  • NWFA Chief Executive will ensure that this policy is implemented, published and accessible to all volunteers and affiliated clubs.
  • Each affiliated club volunteer should ensure that all club members are aware of, understand and follow the health and safety arrangements and rules.
  • Each club participant should take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by what they do or not do



NWFA will comply with its legal duties for health and safety and provide staff, volunteers, affiliated clubs with information and instruction.



To achieve the aims set in this statement, NWFA will:


  • Ensure all NWFA tournaments and events are risk assessed prior to the tournament /event taking place to create a safe environment by putting health and safety measures in place as identified by the assessment before the tournament / event takes place.
  • Provide the Minimum Health and Safety Standards to all affiliated
  • Provide COVID-19 Guidance on the Return To Play (RTP) to affiliated clubs,
  • Provide health and safety best practice guidance in walking
  • Promote a positive safe culture in which all NWFA Volunteers share this
  • Comply with statutory health and safety
  • Promote accident and injury



This Policy Statement will be reviewed annually taking into account any legislation changes, government guidance, lessons learned and best practice.

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