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New partnership between Core37 and NWFA

An exciting new partnership to supply bespoke walking football kits to teams across the NWFA

Football kits have evolved into an iconic part of the game since the first one was created in 1872. They keep athletes cool, allowing them to perform better, and unify a team and its supporters.

“Looking and feeling good while playing is very important for confidence, and having a kit that fits well means you can concentrate on your football,” explains Danny Lansdell from Core37.

The team at Core37 is passionate about the design, creation, and execution of football kits. Based in the North East of England, the company’s purpose-built factory is home to 7 printers, 3 presses, 4 cutting machines, and a team of 30+ seamstresses to bring customers’ visions to life.

The kits designed in the factory are “made to order and are fully bespoke,” explains Danny.

“We can take any design and make it into the playing kit of our customers’ dreams, from names, colours, designs, and logos, the kit will be totally unique!”

Kit by Core37

The NWFA decided to partner with Core37 after seeing the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail of kits that have been designed for over 100 walking football players so far.

Similar to any sport, walking football participants need kits in breathable material designed for movement and physical exercise. In addition to being useful for training sessions and friendly matches, the kits will also amplify the sense of team during tournaments.

“The NWFA is inclusive, progressive, and competitive, we are really excited to see our kits being worn by all of their players,” enthuses Danny.

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