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Newcastle United Foundation Win European Walking Football Tournament

Teams across Europe compete in Walking Football tournament at Cochrane Park in Newcastle

The tournament brought together eighteen Walking Football teams from across Europe on Wednesday 31st May to compete for the title at Cochrane Park. After a prompt 9am introduction from the referee, the tournament had two phases of matches as teams were split into three groups (A, B, C) to compete against one another for the trophy.

Phase 1 was the group stage and the 2nd stage consisted of each team facing an opponent from another group in their respective position. For example, the 2nd placed team of Group A faced the 2nd placed team of Group B.

After 63 matches, Newcastle United Foundation came out on top and won the tournament.

Who is Newcastle United Foundation?

Bringing people and the region together is at the heart of Newcastle United Foundation, who were thrilled for their players to participate in another tournament. The foundation, which has a 9-team league, consists of 105 players and hosts sessions every Thursday at NUCASTLE.

Winning team pictured with coaches from the Newcastle United Foundation

It was an honour to captain Newcastle and win the tournament to  fulfil a lifetime ambition to play in the black and white stripes of Newcastle and represent the team I have supported my whole life,” enthused Steve Sanderson.

Although the tournament allowed players to play Football Walking in a competitive setting, it also gave people the opportunity to socialise as celebrations continued into the evening. Every participant was invited for dinner at St. James Park Stadium and to take part in activities to prolong the buzz from the tournament.

This is the third European Walking Football tournament to take place(so far) and we can’t wait to watch the next one!


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