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NWFA, England Walking Football Community and Walking Football Leagues Alliance start a new partnership

A new partnership to emphasise why like-minded organisations can and should work together to help the walking football community.

The National Walking Football Alliance (NWFA) is run by the Charities Buying Group, a Community Interest Company that has been helping charities save money for the last 25 years.

As well as offering support and savings, the Charities Buying Group runs CBG4Health, a scheme to improve mental and physical well-being for older people by encouraging fitness, fun, and socialising. The alignment of ethos in walking football and CBG4health is why the Charities Buying Group, alongside Team Grass Roots, decided to form the NWFA to make the game accessible and affordable.

“We have supported Grassroots football for the last 10 years and are delighted to work with the Charities Buying Group in our NWFA venture to support walking football and to work with the FA in developing this much-needed game,” says Team Grassroots Managing Director, Paul Kirton.

With help from the Charities Buying Group, the NWFA has donated defibrillators, footballs, and funded projects. Funding that has made sessions available to people with autism or learning difficulties and anyone over the age of 70. Both projects have proven a great success in terms of confidence, friendships, and the number of active players increasing, with over 35 players participating in the over-70’s sessions.

“We have also partnered with SSE Energy Solutions to assist members with their energy procurement, so every time a charity utilises CBG through this partnership a percentage of the commission paid to us is donated to the NWFA,” explains Charites Buying Group CEO, Michael Hodgetts.

What can walking football clubs ask for help with?

The collaboration between the NWFA, England Walking Football Community(EWFC) and Walking Football Leagues Alliance(WFLA) is to help walking football thrive.

“We are delighted to have partnered with England Walking Football Community and the Walking Football Leagues Alliance,” says Charities Buying Group CEO, Michael Hodgetts.

“In our venture together, we will help older communities to stay active, whether this is through community kick about football, rehabilitation football for people recovering from heart attacks, strokes, or injury – up to competitive league and international games,” he explains.

As a result of the collaborative efforts, clubs can ask the NWFA to help with:

– Facilitating sessions

– Finding training equipment suppliers

– Finding opportunities for sponsorships

– Securing opportunities to play in leagues

– Searching for new players, clubs and opponents

– Options to design and purchase affordable kits

Meet the Chairman of the England Walking Football Community

“There are three types of people in football: people who are in it for the money; people who are in for their own gain (be it status or glory); and those passionate about the sport who want things right for everyone playing it,” explains Tony Norton, Chairman of the England Walking Football Community.

Initially starting out as a player, after being selected to compete for England in 2020 after regional and national trials, Tony realised that “all was great on the field but off it, there were lots of things going wrong.”

“I am quite a particular person and like things done right,” confesses Tony, a characteristic that pushed him to ask the former organisers of the England Walking Football Community if he could take over.

The transformation of the England Walking Football Community started with a newly formed council, business plan, bank account, club constitution, insurance, and finding a permanent base at Redditch United to host training and home games.

From player to Chairman, Tony’s determination to make walking football a fun and professional sport is why the NWFA is excited to work with the England Walking Football Community alongside the Walking Football Leagues Alliance.

“It’s all about making sure opportunities are there for all ages and abilities, for people to turn up at either a recreational kick-about or an England training session with a smile on their face,” explains Tony. “After meeting with the team at the NWFA it was clear we all share the same vision and goals.”

Who are the Walking Football Leagues Alliance?

The Walking Football Leagues Alliance was formed in 2019 by Bill Murney to help establish FA-affiliated leagues and support the growth of competitive, Grassroots walking football. With a membership that currently consists of 26 leagues, the WFLA encourages organisers of every local or national FA-affiliated walking football leagues to join.

Ran by a management committee of volunteers selected from member leagues, the WFLA is passionate about making every game safe and fair. This is why every local and national tournament hosted by the WFLA is sanctioned by local Football Associations that follow the rules and regulations of the FA.

“The formation of this partnership working under the FA laws of the game is fantastic,” enthuses Steve Hill of the NWFA, who uses the rules in coaching sessions.

The union between the NFWA, EWFC, and WFLA is to bring people together through walking football and help existing clubs facilitate sessions. Whether it be people who once played the game or newcomers stepping out onto the pitch for the first time – everyone is welcome to join the walking football community.

For more details, enquiries, or partnership opportunities please email  or submit a message.

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