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Welfare Fund to support walking football clubs and players

Welfare fund  set up by the Charities Buying Group will support existing clubs and players

As a community interest company, the Charities Buying Group chose to donate it’s profits to the NWFA to help facilitate walking football sessions for the local community.

Funding that made it possible for the NWFA to start up two group sessions, for people over 70, and for people who use Newcastle-based charity, Skills for People.

The success and growth of both sessions are why the Charities Buying Group has decided to create the Welfare Fund, to continue their support and allow other organisations to see how their donations can also make a difference.

How does it work?

Organisations that cannot retain profits, such as community interest companies and community football clubs, can donate surplus funds to the foundation. This will enable organisations to witness first hand where their money goes, what it goes towards, and who it helps.

The Welfare Fund will go to various community projects that help existing and future walking football players. It will make more group sessions possible, and be open to players who need individual support to pay for kits, football boots, and transportation.

Why is the Welfare Fund beneficial?

Donations will ensure that walking football sessions can continue to run and ease financial worries for clubs and players.

Any organisation with surplus funds is encouraged to join the foundation, to support the growth of walking football and make the game accessible for anyone who wants to play.

Organisations that want to participate can email or click here to submit a form.

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